How To Get A Blueprint Of Your House

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However, you can go to your property tax assessor/collector’s office, or their web site, and find when your home was built. Then contact the code inspection department to see if a copy of the prints were filed when they made application for the permits. You might get lucky.

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How can I obtain the original plans for my house? State law only requires the County to keep commercial and some multi-family structural plans. The Department therefore only keeps single family residential plans during construction and discards them 90 days after completion of the work. The space required to store all the plans of every house built in the County makes it prohibitive to keep them.

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To draw blueprints for a house, start by checking local regulations about construction to make sure you make the blueprints up to standard. Then, make a rough sketch of the house with each room, using a scale of 0.25 inches for each foot.

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Step 4. Builders usually apply for a permit before building houses. Permits, along with floor plans and elevation levels, are located at the building inspector’s office. While these permits might not be as old as your house, they can give you details about the floor plan up to the last 20 years.